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Cancer free!

Well then, so it's officially my last day in hospital today!

I've been given a drug called "Rituximab" through the IV to bring back my white blood cells which the chemotherapy has punished over the last 6 months.

At times it's been hard, but I never expected it to be so much easier than my first cancer experience when I was 22 with testicular cancer - I knew it was going to be a long road.

There are a few things that have really helped me get through this.

Just before I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, I just happened to meet one of the most amazing earthlings that was soon about to change my life, she has been there for me every moment of the way, every hospital trip she drove me & was there by my side.

Amy & i on the first day in hospital

I was vegetarian before all of this & I knew my diet had to change to another level. Luckily Amy was vegan and studying nutrition. She then taught me a lot about the benefits from completely giving up all animal, dairy, sugar & processed products on the shelf that were doing more harm than good to the future of my human factory.

eating a buddah bowl last day of chemo.

Now as you may know already from my previous blog, from my research I was lucky enough to find out about medicinal cannabis & how it was going to help me through such a trying time. This has also been amazing to not only stop the nausea & give me my appetite while still being able to work before & after each treatment but also no doubt help the cure process.

Last of all, my family friends, I know how hard it has been at times especially for my Mum to have to go through all of this again. The support I've received from so many people has been amazing. I am so thankful to you all.

Now instead of spending time in hospital I am going to be working on rebuilding my strength and immune system, I've just started going to the Gym with Amy & I will soon be getting back into surfing & skateboarding again.

I've been given the all clear by my specialist and I am officially in remission.

Yes it has been heavy, but at the same time one of the best things from all of this is, as now I'm on the road to being super human!

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