For NITSUA, art is a freedom  for creation, interpretation, and expression. All with a vision to create & inspire.


Meet Austin: a New Zealand native residing in Byron Bay, NSW. Austin is an artist, graphic designer, creator, and founder of NITSUA.

Austin's early artistic career was centered around  textile and product design. From his roots he has expanded into street art, murals and interior decor creations. His recognizable style with the use of stencils, brush, and spray paint, leaving traces of realism versus surrealism.

Although Austin’s career began in 1997 as a Graphic Designer in the fashion and skateboarding industries, he always had a drive to create unique artwork, and stray away from the norms and trends of the corporate industry.  


In 2003, his work was noticed by a well-known and respected Australian painter, Ken Done, and he began to express himself through an apparel line called Sidewalk.

Over the years, he created and collaborated with many other visionaries, and as his portfolio broadened, so did his inspiration, and the realization that his true desire was to reconnect to his love for his surfer/skater rat upbringing.

Austin’s next passion project became Early Skateboards, and organically his thirst for substance, culture, and street art blossomed.


Shortly after, Austin began his solo venture NITSUA (Austin backwards): a  concept conceived inside the corporate walls, and has now evolved into a business where he can just 'be'.