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For NITSUA, art provides a freedom for creation, interpretation, and expression. NITSUA is instilled with a vision to continually create and inspire. 


Like most New Zealand natives, Austin has spent the majority of his life living the good life “down under” and travels up and down the East Coast of Australia transforming blank spaces.


​Austin’s early artistic career was centred around textile and product design. From his roots he has expanded into street art, murals and interior decor creations. His recognisable style with the use of stencils, brush, and spray paint, leaving traces of realism with a hint of surrealism. Some of Austin’s most prominent works can be found in the coastal town of Byron Bay, where he spent over a decade working as a professional artist. Austin’s career has been diverse, spanning the fashion and skateboarding industries, he has always had a drive to create unique artwork, and stray away from the norms and trends of the corporate industry.


Austin’s largest scale mural project to date was the Cowell Silo Art project, completed in 2018 with the support of artist Shmick. Touring Australia painting large scale murals has become the norm for NITSUA, in his beloved home on wheels “VanIvy”.


Austin specialises in painting murals for schools, and has found this an incredible avenue to share his passion for arts with young Australians. Vibrancy is Austin’s frequency, you can expect a mural maker that will transform your walls and spaces with incredible impact. Using his art to either highlight prominent or endangered local flora and fauna, acknowledge respected citizens  or feature parts of history in the areas he paints.
Austin pays deep respect and acknowledgement to Australia's First Nations Elders and traditional owners, past, present and future of this land on which he paints.

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