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Chemo #2 // Medicinal Cannabis

After dealing with all the constant headaches, nausea and loss of appetite during my time in hospital - I knew that Medicinal Cannabis was the way forward for sure.

Going home after days being pumped with pharmaceutical anti nausea drugs and painkillers I was feeling pretty ill.

My first night home, I scrapped the endone and steroids and used medicinal cannabis. In the morning I woke up feeling better again. No more of the rude symptoms I had in hospital.

While I have known from the start of this journey that I wanted to do things differently, this really confirmed I was on the right track.

This isn't my first time dealing with the C word - I went through it all when I was 22, where I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

I had chemo at that point - so I knew what I was in for. But this time round I had the strength, the knowledge and in a lot of ways it wasn't as hard to deal with the news.

I just knew I had to make it easier on myself.

Of course, being a 'cancer patient', your only option on the surface is your western doctor, pushing chemotherapy as the only treatment option. And pharmaceutical medicine as the best way to deal with the side effects.

But having been through that process, and dealing with the side effects earlier in life - I was determined to find a better way.

The obvious choice was to investigate more about Medicinal Cannabis. I started researching, watching documentaries and reaching out to people who had used it for their cancer.

What I found was stories of terminally ill people, 'curing' their cancer, and heaps of evidence showing how it would help all with pain, nausea - and healing,

The deeper I got into it the more found how good it would be for me. Unfortunately we dont have any doctors in Australia telling us so & prescribing us cannabinol for treatment and symptom relief.

Through my research I found out that for the medicinal cannabis to work properly - you need to combine both the CBD oil, and the THC. Read more here

But then- how was I supposed to take this everyday without being high everyday?

While this can be good at times ........when you start to forget about things and start projects and don't finish them and become all scattered .. it's an issue!

Put it this way, 3 drops of the THC oil was pretty much the equivalent to 20 bongs, lasting for over 8 hours at a time.

I then found out there was a way to take the oils as a suppository.

Yes that is right - up the Poopahauser!

I found research that shows by taking it this way, you avoid the psychoactive side and just take on the healing benefits that cannabis has.

By shelfing it, my research found that it avoids the liver and goes straight through your system.

When taken orally, the body only absorbs 30-40% of the cannabinoid. But as a suppository - the body takes on 60-70% of the goodness.

After a bit of trial and error I found the best binding agent for the CBD & THC oil was cocoa butter. Cocoa butter helps support the oils to become water soluble - and better absorbed in the rectum.

So there you have it, my bum became the "gift shop". I started making chocolates for my bum as it were. Using some of natures greenery that would give me my appetite, stop the nausea, vomiting and most of the other ongoing symptoms chemo likes to give you on the ride....

Here's how I did it!

Step 1 : I sourced high quality organic CBD oil and THC oil from a

Northern Rivers based supplier.

Step 2 : I melted on a low heat cocoa butter, my prescribed dosage of the oils x 12

(to make 12 moulds).

Once melted and combined I poured the contents into the moulds.

( you can not buy this in australia, pharmacies have them but they won't sell them to you! )

Step 3 : I carefully placed the mould into it's housing and then into the fridge to allow the chocolates to set. I usually allow roughly 1 hour for them to set.

Step 4 : Once the chocolates have set, you can remove the mould from the

fridge and release the clamp.

Step 5 : Here they are! Canna chocolates for the bum bum. I also like to call them bullets.

All ready for the gift shop delivery....

For more information, I found the following links useful..

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