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Chemo #1 // the hospital tour

Chemo # 1 went down. 5 days later I caught a virus.

Then my next 4 days would be 1 ambulance trip & 3 different hospitals from Byron Bay, Tweed to Southport.

The emergency departments. It's crazy how someone in my condition, with a life threatening situation can be put into another ward of sick earthlings. Sick ones that could make my condition even worse.

Even still at the time this was the least of my worries. The real issue in the hospitals was the constant fluorescent lights & kryptic noises. Not to mention the lack of sleep from all of this. And just when I thought I'd get to sleep I'd be woken by a nurse to get my temperature check every half an hour.

But landing myself a hospital bed wasn't easy. I had to get through the Byron Bay, Tweed & Southport emergency department rooms first.

After 2 days of this I was given my own room in a ward. Without all the random bright lights & loud noises! Of course by this stage i was a feeling lot better & the netflix helped....

From day one I was on a constant antibiotic drip, I had chronic headaches which they were giving me endone for. I also broke out in a rash on my back which I'm pretty sure was from the amount of antibiotics that had been through my system.

This is something I don't wish for again on this journey thats for sure, although I think I can say that my patience is going to be a big part of the cure when being a patient.

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