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Interior design and decor creation

NITSUA interior décor enhances any aesthetic space. NITSUA is best known for his captivating patterned doors and graphic revival of retro furniture.

If you are looking for interior design ideas, new wallpaper, kitchen splashbacks, tiles and more, contact Austin for an interior consultation.

seth surge
betty flowers
Byron Brewery band room door
ethel door
cannabis table // byron bay markets
mavis mint table // byron markets
tables // byron bay markets
seth surg epoxy finish
custom kitchen panels
beaches & cream shop byron bay
record cover table // epoxy resin
Betty flowers table // epoxy resin
nitsua custom stools
custom side draw
custom stenciled vinyl cushions
Recycled 1970s Bed Side Table
Recycled Lamp shade recovered
seth surg wall paper, the tree house
custom recycled cabernet
bnb fit out
nitsua studio
custom painted recycled cabinet
custom painted recycled desk
tree house tables
upcycled radio gram
custom toilet seat
custom lamp shade
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